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Social Media for the automotive branche

"Passionated about cars and specialized in social media"

Social Media management

Social media management

Nowadays social media is very important for companies. You can show the world what you do or what you sell and keep contact with customers. 

Are you a car dealership and want to do more with your social media accounts? I can help you with managing your social media! I have 6 years experience and the knowledge how to grow a social media account.

TLDR Social Media

My motivation

My work is my passion, and my greatest driving force. This is the reason why I do the work i do. My work challenges me with each new project to become better and achieve more

TLDR Social Media

My mission

My company's mission is to grow the social media channels of car dealerships and interact with (new) customers.

My vision

My company's vision is to be as active as possible on the social media channels of car dealerships. If you are active on social media, you will get more reach, more followers and because of that more customers. You can show what you have for sale and you can stay in good contact with (new) customers. You can also show  some impressions of the dealership and share the latest news.